Nils Oskar Smed. Insight Strategy Product. Check sheet for specs.

When Where Who What EXP
2018 Still working on a name... Started a company. Back to physical and digital. More start ups; less corporates. That's the ambition, at least. n/a
Onlaw Helping legal tech start-up with UX and design.
Undisclosed Building a cook book concept.
├śrsted Design sprints. Energy. Cars. Exploring black boxes.
Arla Something with milk. Chocolate. For nerds.
2016-2018 1508 Still insights, strategy and product dev. ALL DIGITAL, though 2
National Gallery of Denmark New strategy and website for the danish national gallery
IKEA Service design and optimization of IKEA's financial offers
Ikano Bank Product strategy and organizational projects. Insights, strategy and implementation of new financial products, cool apps and stuff
Freelance Onlaw Insights on a new digital product for lawyers. Yes, lawyers.
2013-2016 Hatch & Bloom A lot of insight, strategy and product dev. Physical and digital mixed media 3
Telia Insights and strategy roadmap for new services and products. Result: cool product, implemented by Think!
Danish Broadcasting Corporation New strategy. shhhh... don't tell anyone.
Arla New food for kids. Happy Faces through cheese.
Total EXP 5 years

Don't like the website? Check this: This site is 4kb, works on any device and can be accessed from Nigeria. Now, that's a value proposition!

I also used to write. Maybe I should do that again sometime.

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